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The typeface must be essentially equivalent to Courier, Times New Roman, or Arial.

Maybe that’s why lawyers use Times New Roman (or to a lesser extent Courier, although I personally hate it).

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I agree courier is atrocious.

However, there’s a lot of fonts that will comply with that rule and look slightly better. You have a serif font, a sans-serif font, and a mono-spaced serif font. That’s virtually all of the “business” like fonts.

I would say “essentially equivalent” means nothing the clerk decides is strange. It could be worse, my own State Supreme Court requires that briefs be written in double spaced size 14 Times New Roman.

My firm uses GoudyOlst BT in 11 or 12. I think it looks pretty good.

April 6, 2011 at 1:19 PM

What am I learning about small-firm practice? The attorneys have so little substantive work to do that they spend their days flipping through Garner, brushing up on the arcane nuances of fonts, and watching TED.

Dictating the font and font size to be used by every attorney in a firm, even if it’s a small firm, gives new meaning to the word “martinet.”

April 6, 2011 at 1:20 PM

For every filing west of the Mississippi, I use Goudy Old Style.

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Jay, how many associates has your firm churned through? Over the years, how many associates have you hired or contracted – total – and how many of those: (1) made partner at your firm, (2) left entirely of their own choice without any prompting at all, or (3) were told they had no future at the firm or were terminated by the firm or mutual agreement?

Of (3), how many of them are still principally involved in the practice of law as a private lawyer or working as a lawyer in the public sector?

Thank you.

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This is terrible advice. As a law clerk, I get pissed off when lawyers submit briefs NOT in times new roman. You’re trying to look smart and interested when you use a different font, but to the extent anyone notices, you’re just annoying them by being a smartass.

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Yeah, using a non-standard font is a great way to be made fun of in chambers.

April 6, 2011 at 1:48 PM


When I was a law clerk, I and the Judge didn’t give a flying fuck what font you used so long as it wasn’t in crayon or had stains on it. Crayon was only for pro-se litigants. Courier New basically told me that you either still used a typewriter or were billing by the page. Now I know that Garamond means you’re an over-achieving, ex-gunner, “boutique” firm partner who is still bitter that he never got a shot a biglaw. Did Times New Roman ever elicit any snarky comments from me or the Judge? No. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In this tutorial we discuss how to add Google fonts and Non-Google fonts alike to your Divi website. Your designs don’t have to be limited. Check out our top three ways to use custom fonts on your website!

Adding custom fonts to your website is a great way to stand out from the competition and add your own custom and creative flair to your site. Adding fonts is a fairly easy process but scares many away due to the fact that there is some very minor, yet very simple, coding involved.

The difference between using Google fonts vs. any other custom font (.ttf, .otf, or .woff file) is quite simple. On Google Fonts, the font is stored on Google’s servers and you use code to pull from their files. For all other fonts, you download the font to your servers and pull from your own FTP files.

1) Upload Straight Into the Builder

Step 1. Open the Divi Visual Builder and go to any design section that shows a font

Step 2. Click “upload” and follow the instructions

Click for more information.

2) Adding Google Fonts

Step 1. Choosing Your Font

Go to Jo No Fui tubular neck sweater 2018 New Outlet Cheapest Limited New Iw4XATJqU
and choose a font that complements the style of your website. For this example, we chose “Great Vibes”. Click on the Quick Use icon, scroll down and copy the integration code. In our case, we copied:

Step 2.Add the Header Code

Go to Divi Theme Options > Integration > and now paste the code into the head (not the body), and save.

Step 3.Assign the Font to Classes, Tags, and Elements

Go back to your Google Font page and scroll down to “” and copy that code. In our case, we copied:

Now assign the elements in the Divi Theme Options > General > Custom CSS. For example, if I wanted header 1 and 2 to have the new Google Font, we would use:

If you have different fonts for each header, repeat the steps as necessary. For example, if I wanted the body to have the font titled “EXAMPLE”, copy the code in step 1 for the new font and add the CSS for the body:

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Step 1. Upload the TypeKit Fonts for WordPress Plugin

Step 2. Go to Buy Cheap 2018 Newest Genny fitted button skirt Good Selling Cheap Online 2018 Newest Sale Online Quality For Sale Free Shipping Top Quality Cheap Price Jy5lvr
and register for an account

Step 3. Choose a few fonts to add to your account, sync them (if you want them on your local machine), and add to a kit

Step 4. Grab embed code from kit

Step 5. Add embed code to the plugin

Step 6. Continue and publish TypeKit kit

Step 7. Click “Using fonts in CSS” at the upper left corner under “Selectors” and copy the example style

Step 8. Paste the CSS rules into the plugin, add any more you want and save!

Step 9. All elements selected will now show up as that font!

4) “Use Any Font” Plugin (Not Recommended)

is the updated video on how to use the plugin. You can now use this plugin to directly send your custom fonts to the Divi Builder! No CSS knowledge required!

Step 1. Choosing Your Font

We chose Georgina.ttf — download the .ttf, .otf. OR .woff file to your machine.

Step 2. Download “Use Any Font” Plugin

Login to your WordPress site, go to “Plugins”, and Download and install the plugin “” from the WordPress plugins section. Once activated, click on “” in your WordPress menu.

Step 3.API Key

Now you will have to create an API key to activate the plugin. Simply click to add a key and choose the “$0” option if only using 1 font (a minimum $10 is required for more than one font). Copy the API key and paste it into the API KEY section and click “Verify”.

Step 4.Uploading and Assigning Fonts

Click on “Add Fonts” and upload your .ttf, .otf, OR .woff file. (The free version only allows one font upload.) Now we need to assign those fonts to the correct classes, tags, and elements. Simply select your font, then click on the tags you would like that font assigned to. In this case, we applied the custom font to the headers, menu items for desktop and mobile, and buttons.

Step 5. Assign to Menu, Header and Body

Find the custom font after the google font list (in theme customizer only)

Step 6. Assign Custom Font from Divi Builder

Assign font to content from Editor. Custom fonts will appear at top of the list.

Did you enjoy this article? Share it with your friends! And thanks for reading!

We also ask you provide feedback as it helps us improve. Thank you!!
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As a brand owner or a start-up founder, why do you need to know the different types of logo design that exist out there? You can just hire a freelance graphic designer to design a logo for you. Simple, right? Well, it would have been that simple if you hired a freelancer whose price and budget you trusted. Most of the times, clients don’t understand why they need to pay thousands of rupees for something as small as logo design. Well, first of all, it is not a small design. And secondly, it is going to represent your brand everywhere! And that is a big deal! Here is an interesting anecdote that a logo designer shared with me some time ago.

Client: 15,000 Rupees! Just for a Logo? For such a small thing? … It’s not a painting at an art gallery, It’s just a small symbol… How can you expect me to pay Rs.15,000 for something so small?

Designer: *sharp intake of breath* But sir it will represent your company every where. It will be the symbol that your users will associate with your company.

Client: Yes but even I can draw a few dots or lines. Or just write my company’s name in some font… I’m sorry, my final price is Rs.7,000

Designer: *thinks for a while* Okay, sir! I’ll tell you what… I’ll do your logo for Rs. 5,000 if you can tell me what kind of logo would represent your brand the best. There are 7 different types of logo design and if you can help me understand which kind of logo you would prefer for your brand, I’d be happy to reduce my price…

Client: Okay – remind me of the 7 different types of logo design and I’ll pick one for you

Designer: Sure… would you like your logo to be an abstract mark, a mascot logo, an emblem, a letter mark, a wordmark, a pictorial mark or a combination mark?

7 Different Types of Logo Design

The conversation ended with client paying the logo designer her said quote. I’m not saying you should not bargain with a freelancer. But before you hire a freelancer, you need to understand what specific skills they posses, the kind of experience they bring to the table and most importantly you need to understand the scope of your project. At Moncler patched Kilia backpack How Much Sale Online 7idoOI9
, we help you connect with verified logo designers who don’t over-quote and under-deliver.

To help you understand the scope of logo design, in this blog, I’ll take you through the 7 different types of logo design. This knowledge will empower you to approach a logo designer with more confidence.

Logo Design #1: Abstract Mark

An Abstract Mark is a uniquely created pictorial representation of your brand. It is not a depiction of a place, animal, or any thing that people are familiar with; rather it is a newly formed shape which is unrecognized. Thus it forms a unique picture by which your company will be recognized.

A perfect example of abstract mark logo is the logo design of Pepsi.This logo uniquely embodies a shape that none of us can explain in any way other than by attributing its meaning to Pepsi.

Logo Design #2: Mascot

Interesting fact, this logo design incidentally cost Pepsi $1,000,000.

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